[Event] An Evening with Les Rallizes Dénudés in “LUNA MAGIC 2023”

‘An Evening with Les Rallizes Dénudés’ will be held September 16-17 as part of the LUNA MAGIC 2023 Sapporo event (Sept 16-18).
The event will feature a video mix of liquid lighting by Overheads Classic and photo slides taken by Takehiko Nakafuji, along with songs of Les Rallizes Dénudés selected by DJ Misha.
*Katsuhiko Ishii (former guitarist of Les Rallizes Dénudés) and his China Cats Trips Band will perform on the outdoor stage on the 18th.

Venue: Sapporo Art Park, Atelier A (
Dates: September 16 and 17, 2023, 17:30 – 20:00
*Admission with “LUNA MAGIC 2023” ticket.
Inquiries: 011-221-6076 Bessie Hall

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